Chaotic Atmospheres (behance) Topologically Generated Radiolaria - "I’ve been requested by Neonmob (a trading-card social network), to make a big set of more than 100 pictures. As I had freedom on the subject, I searched for base shapes that I could vary sufficiently so there’d be a relationship, and yet each shape would be different from all the others. I ended up representing an index of fake radiolaria inspired by SEM imagery and the incredibly detailed illustrations of Ernst Haeckel." [ Read More ]



Thin section of dunite under XPL. 

Dunite is a type of peridotite that contains over 90% olivine and may either be found in ophiolitic complexes or xenoliths in basalt lavas.

Note the ‘bubble’ texture of the vibrant birefringent olivine grains at the top and bottom of the image, and the serpentine (gray and white) and talc (high pastel birefringence) running through the center of the image.

Image by author, specimen from Lawrence University



Nichelle Nichols, 1967

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Kernal panic is an excellent band name.
Kernal panic is a side project of SINK PASTA. I am glad you made it through all the tags. 

IT LIVES! Ignore the crappy photo quality and focus on the homemade seismometer! Two flex sensors with weights (when soldered and encased they will be at x and z orientations) and two peizo vibration sensors with weights (eventually they will be oriented the same as the flex sensors). 

I am going to solder and finish it up this week (hopefully). It was a project for my electronics class and super fun. All the data I am collecting is saved to the microSD card. Not that there will actually be any earthquakes, but I can record when the sediment shakers are on or when the HVAC system is on so yay!


Why do you think women identify with the show as strongly as they do?

if you’re not watching orphan black you should be and if you want i will drive over right this second and marathon it with you 


Stephen King being Stephen King

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Having to google internet slang your friend is using because you have no idea what the fuck it means.


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Dís, younger sister of Thorin Oakenshield, mother of Fili and Kili.


Based her face on Richard Armitage’s features and facial structure. So in a way, one can take this as a genderbent Thorin ;D

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